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Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

March 26th, 2006 (09:18 pm)

1. What is your current ringtone? Turn it up by Chamillionaire

2. What is your current wallpaper? Texas Longhorns football helmet

3. Is it a camera phone? yes but it doesn't work

4. If so, what was the last picture you took? idk

5. Go to your text message inbox and type what the tenth message says: "What are you guys laughing at? loser lol u look hott 4 ur pic lol"

6. How many contacts do you have on your phone? 144

7. Go to your missed calls - fifth missed call is from: well i only have 4 in there now...cause i deleted the rest but....the last missed one was Stefanie's cell phone

8. Who was the last person you spoke to on your cell? Kathy

9. What service provider do you use? CIngular

10. At this very moment, how many bars do you have for your service battery? 5

11. Who’s on your speed dial number 5? no one cause i save them on my SIM Card soo they are in the 500s and soo

12. Do you have voicemail? yes

13. How many contacts that start with the letter J do you have? 15

14. Who do you call the most? no one really

15. How many text messages do you get a month? i have a 1000 message limit

16. What brand and model is your phone? Motorola V220.....my advice to you all...never buy this phone...they suck!

17. What are the last four digits to your number? 5894

18. Go to your sent texts - what does the eighth one say? "Is it of if we go to cumberland to hang out? It's me, kathy, kristina, and kathy's mom....."

19. Do you pay the bill? nope

20. Who’s the last person that you called? Kathy

21. What does your banner read? Cingular...i can't change that

22. Last person that texted you? my dad

23. Last person you added to your contacts? umm, I dont remember

24. How many minutes are on your plan? unlimited

25. Overall, do you like your phone? yeah it's ok....can't wait to get my new one though

the boring questions...
ok so whats your name? Ashley
how old are you? 15
your home town..? Millville, NJ
where you live right now? Augusta, WV
who do you live with? my mom and dad
how many friends do you have? loads

have you ever...
wanted to die: no
made smores: yes
cheated on a test: yes
wished upon a star: yes
prank called: yes
used up 10 bottles of silly string: Idk about 10 but I've used a lot
cried in front of your crush or boyfrined/girlfrined: no
missed someone so much your heart hurt: yes
beaten someone up: no
have been beaten up: no
not gone to the bathroom for longer than a week: uhh, no
won an award: yes a lot
kissed someone in the rain: no
kissed somone in the snow: no
kissed someone while playing truth or dare, 7 minutes in heaven, etc.: no 
been hit by lightning: no
almost drowned: no
bought a lava lamp: yes

your love life...
are you single, in a relationship, married etc: single
are you straight, bi, homosexual etc.: straight
if your taken, what is their name?
if you're single do you have someone in mind? yes
who? andy
are you IN love: no
have you ever been in love: no
do you love someone: yes
how far have you gone, first, second, third, home plate: wtf are up with the whole 'bases' thing?? retarded

random questions...
so how is this quiz so far? its ok
so, do you own a cell phone? yep
an iPod: i have a mp3
do you have AIM or any other instant messenger? yes
if so, whats your screen name? those who need to know, know
do you have a myspace? yes
livejournal? yes
xanga? yes
any of those other journal things? yes
whats your favorite restraunt? i have a few
favorite food? anything but school food....chinese, italian, subs..
favorite drink: pepsi, any soda really
how many closets do you have in your room? 1
how about in your house? 5
is your phone ringing right now? nope
mine is...: good for you, answer it
but im not picking it up.: i do that sometimes too
ok.. back to the survey.. right
what time is it right now? 9:31 PM
what kind of computer do you own? idk...it's custom built by my uncle...lol
so i have to ask..: huh?
do you like cheese? yes
whats your favoirte kind of cheese? swiss
what are you listening to right now? "Here's to the Nights" By Eve 6
are you eating anything? no
do you like febreeze? it's ok

when was the last time you...
burped: idk....
laughed: a little while ago
showered: this morning
went to the bathroom: today
vacumed: Friday
went to school: Friday
cried: idk
turned on a light: today
threw something away: today
did the dishes: i have a dishwasher...lol
did the laundry? today
talked on the phone and who with today:
flunked a test: idk
aced a test: idk
broke something: idk
lost a tooth: ages ago
went swimming: last summer
went on a date: never...yet
had sex..? never
ate something: a bit ago

this or that...
powerade or gatorade: gatorade
sushi or chicken: chicken
IM or TV: um..both
MP3 or radio: both
going on a date, or hanging out with your frineds: either
group or just the two of you: either
yahoo or hotmail: hotmail
1% or 2% milk? neither....skim
south park or the simpsons: both
mary kate or ashley: neither
BSB or N*sync?: neither
dog or cat: cat
french fries or potato chips: both
cola softdrinks or lemon lime softdrinks: any soda
mellow yellow or mt. dew: both
panera or frishes: idk
eating out or in: either or
crayons or colored pencils: colored pencils
Mondays or Sundays: Mondays
Saturdays or Fridays: both
summer or fall: summer
spring or winter: either
TV or reading: TV
newport or kenwood: idk
this is a this, this, or that question... sex, rock and roll, or drugs? hmmm rock and roll

Ashley [userpic]


January 21st, 2006 (06:29 pm)

As some of you all know, I haven't had the greatest past days. Thursday was a horrible day. It all started with a stupid laser pointer on the bus. Someone was shining it out the window on the sidewalk and a little kid was running in circles chasing it. Then Mr. Colebank(slanesville elem. teacher) knocked on the door of the bus as we were pulling out and told our bus driver, Tammy, about it. Well they didn't give up the laser. Soo Tammy called over the radio to the bus garage. They said they'd have someone waiting at the school for our bus. Well we got to the school and Ujcic is standing outside and waves down our bus then Mr. Leone comes out of the school. Well we sat there for about 5 minutes and no one gave it up. So, they starting taking people by seats in to the principals office to be searched. Of course, I sit up front. So me and the 7th grader that sits with me were first. So yeah....we got ascorted to the office by Mr. Ujcic. That's some scary crap man. I didn't even do anything but just being sent to the office to be searched. Anyway. So yeah. That's not how I wanted to start my morning off.

Then later that day, I was in German taking my final and Jessica Watson like ran in the door and was like "I need Ashley NOW!!". And I was wondering which one she meant cause we had 3 in that class. Then Mrs. Hott looked back at me and was like "Go ahead". The note she gave me said "Call home now". Well while walking to the office I was just like what the heck?!?! She told me something like it was something with my dad. At that moment my heart just dropped. She kept going on like asking me if he had any medical problems or if he had been sick lately. Well he hasn't. He's been fine. So yeah. I called home and my mom told me that she was taking my dad to the ER and that I had to come home instead of going to the T.I. meeting. She said he was having chest pains. Well they admitted him that night but my mom came home. The next morning she took me to the bus stop, went home slept more than went back to the hospital. I was home alone from Friday afternoon till just this afternoon. I had Kathy come over and hang out to keep me some company, etc etc. Anyway. My dad had blockage in one of his arteries(spelling...idk). If he hadn't have pulled a muscle in there, he wouldn't still be here. That's how close he was to a heart attack and dying. I'm soo thankful he is still here. I'd be a wreck if he had gone.

Well that's all for now. I'm heading to boogie bowling in Moorefield with Kathy, Andy, Ashman, Josh, and Ricky.



Ashley [userpic]

my entry from saturday that i had posted on xanga......

January 16th, 2006 (08:52 am)

Soo, we got some snow yesterday. Wasn't very much but still. It's been very windy up here since like Friday. Oh well. I just want some snow. We have 3 bowling matches this week. It's crazy. Starting from this past Friday (13th) to next Saturday (21st), I'll be bowling 6 out of 8 of those days. Soo yeah. In other news, the Redskins lost last night to the Seahawks, 20-10. It's sucks. On 4th and 7 with less then 1 min. left, Mark Burnell passed the ball to the endzone where Santana Moss was. Moss had the ball in his hands and dropped it. Last chance for the Skins and he dropped the ball. I mean he should have had that. I wish we had made it farther. But there's always next year. Final Exams are coming up soon. I hope I do good. And hope everyone else does too. I hate exams. Tuesday, I have World History, Keyboarding, and Band. Wednesday, I have Math and German II. Next semester, I gotta change my schedule cause I am not taking weight training with Grace first block. That's wrong. It's too early for that kind of stuff anyway. Before I forget, here's the rest of our bowling schedule for those who want to come and check us out sometime. That's all for now.

 Bowling Schedule and scoresCollapse )

Ashley [userpic]

Check out the quiz I made on myyearbook.com.......More pictures coming soon

January 15th, 2006 (10:31 am)

Take the quiz:
What sport are you?

You like rolling a perfect game over anything else.....

Quizzes by myYearbook.com -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Take the quiz:
What sport are you?

Going, Going, GONE!!!! You're baseball. One of the most over-payed players sports. It may be a boring game at first. But exciting at the end

Quizzes by myYearbook.com -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Take the quiz:
What sport are you?

You're slamming!

Quizzes by myYearbook.com -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Here are the three that have pictures......10 results all together....

Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

January 15th, 2006 (09:21 am)

Take the quiz:
What football postion fits you best?

Your an aggresive person. You tend to want the small yards but the feeling of knowing you punished a player trying to stop you.

Quizzes by myYearbook.com -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Take the quiz:
What college r u?

howdy yall your a longhorn fan. u love the scourching heat, ur hook em sign and well......beatin them sooners

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Take the quiz:
Are You The Yankees Or Red Soxs?

U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! You Won 26 titles !! ur full of urself sometimes..and then u slack off..but UR STILL AWESOME!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!

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Take the quiz:
Which Football team fits you best?(PICS)

Phillidelpha Eagles
You are the Eagles my other friends fav team.

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Take the quiz:
What sport are you? (pics)

You enjoy playing football.

Quizzes by myYearbook.com -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Take the quiz:
What sport are you? (pics)

You enjoy surfing.

Quizzes by myYearbook.com -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Take the quiz:
which lacrosse postion is for u? (pics!)

good stick skills good shooter

Quizzes by myYearbook.com -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Take the quiz:
Which Washington Redskin are you?

Clinton Portis
Flashy and loves money

Quizzes by myYearbook.com -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

January 1st, 2006 (11:56 pm)

fill out things from traci....25 and 120Collapse )

Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

December 26th, 2005 (09:47 am)

So my Christmas was pretty good. Christmas Eve, Jessi and her fiancé, Kevin came over for dinner. After dinner, we opened some of our presents. Then watched a movie, "The Christmas Story". It was corny, but funny. Lol. Anyway. Christmas Day. I got up around like 8, and just waiting till mom and dad finally got up. When they got up we started breakfast and I starting open presents. I got a lot of cool and nice stuff.....a maroon Adidas jacket, dark blue yankees beanie with visor, some under armour, dark blue pants w/ a green stripe down both sides, a pack of CD-Rs, really nice MP3 player, noice canceling headphones, and $50, and some other things...lol...anyway. that's all for now...gotta go.

Ashley #48

Ashley [userpic]


December 26th, 2005 (09:45 am)

Recap of '05Collapse )

Ashley [userpic]

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

December 25th, 2005 (08:48 am)
current song: "My Grown-up Christmas List" By Kelly Clarkson

Ashley [userpic]

survey thingy i got from traci

December 19th, 2005 (06:07 pm)

am i..
- am i cute?
- am i crazy?
- am i lovable?
- am i funny?
- am i annoying?
- am i psycho?
- am i daring?
- am i a good person?

would you..
- would you hug me?
- would you miss me if i was gone?
- would you kiss me?
- would you make out with me?
- would you listen to my problems?
- would you be a good friend?
- would you be my best friend?

would you ever..
- would you ever go out with me?
- would you ever do it again if you already have?
- would you ever marry me if you could?
- would you ever talk bad about me if we ever broke up?
- would you ever make out with me in the rain?
- would you ever snuggle with me?

if you could..
- if you could give me a new name, it would be?
- if you could do one thing with me, it would be?
- if you could give me a piece of advice, it would be?
- if you could kidnap me for a day, where would we go?

just a few questions..
- what do you love about me?
- what do you hate about me?
- what is my best quality?
- if you could change one thing about me, what would it be?
- what is your honest opinion about me?
- what would you do if i sang out of tune?
- what song reminds you of me?
- do i remind you of any characters on tv?
- have you ever had a dream about me?
- do you think i'm a virgin?
- if you just met me, how old would you guess i am?
- am i huggable?
- if you could give me anything, what would it be?
- if you could promise me anything, what would it be?

- am i ugly, average, decent, good looking, beautiful, ect.?
- if you could describe me in one word, what would that word be?
- when we first met, what were your thoughts?
- if you had to describe to someone who i am and what i am like, what would you tell them?
- what are my faults?
- what are my strengths?
- do you wish we were closer?
- why aren't we closer?

[Am I...]
[x] Am I cute?:
[x] Am I hot?:
[x] Am I sweet?:
[x] Am I crazy?:
[x] Am I loveable?:
[x] Am I funny?:
[x] Am I annoying?:
[x] Am I psycho?:
[x] Am I daring?:
[x] Am I a good person?:
[x] Am I sexy?:

[Would You...]
[x] Hug me?:
[x] Miss me if I was gone?:
[x] Listen to my problems?:
[x] Hug me if i cried?:
[x] Be a good friend?:

[Would You...]
[x] Kiss me?:
[x] Have rough sex with me?
[x] Marry me if u could?:

[You Think You Know...]
[x] When's my birthday?:
[x] How old am I?:
[x] What school do I go to?:
[x] Do I have any siblings? Names?:
[x] Who is my best friend?:
[x] Who am i crushing on/dating?:
[x] Favorite animal?:
[x] Favorite sport?:
[x] Favorite TV show?:
[x] Favorite song/songs?:
[x] Favorite music group?:

[If You...]
[x] Gave me a new name, what would it be and why?:
[x] Do one thing with me what would it be and why?:
[x] Drop me one piece of advice, what would it be?:

[Last Questions...]
[x] What do you love about me?:
[x] What do you hate about me?(seriously):
[x] What is my best quality?:
[x] If you could change one thing about me what would it be?:
[x] What is your honest opinion of me?

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